Mount Alverno Luxury Resorts - Wedding Venue

Congratulations – you are engaged! That’s the easy part. Now for the planning and selecting the perfect wedding venue of your dreams, an exciting yet stressful time. Weddings tend to bring out all possible emotions and planning a wedding takes time, effort and of course money!

One of the major decisions you will make throughout this process is the venue. Your wedding is a momentous occasion. You want to create a lasting experience for your guests and for your first moments together as a married couple. The venue should be a reflection of your relationship and fit within your vision for your big day. With so many venues to choose from, it is best to weigh what is most important to you during your selection process. This can include:

  1. Location: Many couples want to choose a venue that is central for the bulk of their guests, to minimize travel time as much as possible. Another great option is selecting a venue that includes onsite accommodations. This can ease the stress or concern regarding guests having to travel late at night, as they have the option to stay right on site. This also can alleviate transportation costs which can sometimes fall to the couple to arrange and pay for. The location also plays an aesthetic role, as it may tie into your theme. Perhaps a country setting is important to you – having great outdoor options for photos. Maybe you’re looking into a seasonal wedding where fall colours or snow play a part in the scenery. One advantage of a venue with property is having acres at your disposal. There are ample options that will promise beautiful photos translating into picture-perfect memories for your big day!
  2. Inclusions: Does the venue offer everything you’re looking for? Some couples wish to include the ceremony, photos, reception, and accommodations all in one place. This again minimizes travel, along with time between each event. Having a seamless flow is definitely desirable not only for the bride and groom but for guests as well. No one likes waiting around for hours, trying to kill time until the next event. When booking an inclusive venue such as a resort or hotel setting, guests can freshen up in their guest rooms, enjoy a cocktail in the restaurant bar or on the patio – a bonus includes being able to enjoy the views of your choice is in a great location. A country property allows your guests the option to take a short stroll along the grounds or simply relax outdoors or indoors. Or perhaps the flow of events will take guests directly from the ceremony to the reception. Whatever you decide, all options are available!
  3. Cost: Cost tends to play a large factor in your decision-making process, as the venue will likely be the largest allocation of the budget. Have you ever heard the saying “you get what you pay for”? This rings true when it comes to the venue for your big day, as there are costs associated with quality. However, it is up to you to decide what is most important when selecting your venue. There are many different factors to consider here as well, such as food, outdoor aesthetic, venue offerings, actual event space, etc. Maybe you love the look of the grounds of the venue but aren’t a fan of a ballroom setting. Or you want restaurant-quality food so you are leaning towards a restaurant venue instead of a banquet hall. There are many aspects that go into cost and pricing at each individual venue.


No matter where/what you decide, you need to be happy and comfortable with your decision. Make sure to go with a space that gives you the feels, and creates excitement when you think about it. And if you select Mount Alverno Luxury Resorts, we promise to make your experience unforgettable!

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